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Women's League under orders for 2014 writes Shane Fenton

WOMEN'S LEAGUE UNDER ORDERS FOR 2014 writes Shane Fenton

At their meeting at the weekend the S.H.G.A. has given the green light for the staging of a season long Open Women's league in running events.

Over the past few seasons there has been an increase in the number of female athlete's competing on the Games circuit with many accumulating points in the mixed Open leagues.

From this season [2014] the Women will no longer be included in the Mixed Open league as they will have a league of their own.

This will be one league, covering all distances in track races, whereas the Men will still have three leagues, sprint-middle distance-long distance.

Women competitors will register points by.

  • Finishing in the first three in Mixed Open Handicap races.
  • 1st prize money £100+ [10pts-6pts-3pts].
  • 1st prize money £50-£99 [6pts-4pts-2pts].
  • 1st prize money Up to £50 [3pts-2pts-1pts].
  • Finishing in 1st three in female only races scratch or handicap as staged at Oban and at a number of the North meetings [3pts-2pts-1pt].
Hopefully with the formation of the league it will encourage more female competitors to compete on a more regular basis on the circuit.

Published: 2014-05-01 15:24:33