Competitors & Participants


Competitors & Participants

What we do for competitors and participants:

  • We run ten sets of leagues throughout the season to encourage excellence in athletes and participation at member events
  • We're pioneering new national youth relay events; encouraging young people into sport whilst bringing new competitors and audiences into Highland Games
  • Partnering the Schools Highland Games training that is happening in some regions
  • We host our successful and popular end-of-season presentation awards, recognizing those who excelled in the year, celebrating success and encouraging athletes to be at the top of their game
  • We target specific athletic clubs and associated sporting bodies to increase awareness of the opportunities Games provide and boost participation
  • We champion athlete welfare by providing free personal injury insurance to all fully-registered athletes from children up to retirement age
  • We keep athletes informed through newsletters, the web and e-mails


The work we do to help athletes also has direct benefits for our members, and with SHGA co-ordination the costs are minimal so everyone benefits. Athletes only enjoy the benefits when they are registered with us – for more information visit the registrations.

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