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Sadly Willie Robertson one of the leading heavy athletes of the 1970's has died aged 71. He switched from the amateurs in 1975 and finished 3rd in the Scottish heavyweight championship at Crieff in 1976. Willie was a regular prize-winner at many Games over about six seasons and an accomplished all-rounder who threw 120' in the hammer,48' in the shot, 14' in 56 over bar and 70' in 28 for distance. A colourful character he was a popular figure on the Games scene. He also won 3 British amateur wrestling titles, represented Scotland twice in Commonwealth Games wrestling, won a Scottish judo title and represented Scotland at wire hammer throw. A formidable prop forward at rugby, he was also a successful coach to many athletes including a young Kyle Randalls. 


Published: 2019-06-17 09:53:49