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Scott Rider lands Caber bonus at Crieff

Following on from another marvellous exhibition of throwing which saw him retain the Scottish title Scott Rider put the icing on the cake by becoming the first ever athlete to accomplish a perfect 12 o clock toss with the mighty Crieff Challenge Caber. This feat earned Scott an extra £1000.

Instituted in 1994, the Crieff Challenge Caber is a very special heavy event held each year after the Scottish Championship has been completed.  The Challenge Caber came from Atholl Estates in Pitlochry and is 20 feet long with a diameter at the thick end of about 7 inches and at the narrow end of 61/4 inches.  this year the prize stands at £1000 - by far the largest caber prize in the world - and this accumulated purse will be awarded to the athlete who achieves a perfect throw - that is, 12 o'clock.  If there is more than one competitor attaining a perfect throw then the prize money will be shared between them.  If there is no perfect throw then £150 will be awarded for the best attempt.  As with the Scottish Championship, the judge's decision will be final.

Published: 2017-08-22 10:03:59