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PITREAVIE GIFT [Postponed, now 24th March].

Having taken into account all of the weather information available to them and bearing in mind the safety and comfort of competitors, spectators and supporters, the Directors of the Pitreavie Gift have decided to postpone the meeting from this Sunday[27 to the previously intimated date of Sunday 24th March 2013 but on exactly the same format as presently indicated.
The decision was not taken lightly nor easily but after a careful evaluation of all of the relevant meteorological and travel factors. While this will be for some a disappointing decision, it is hoped that the re-arrangement of the meeting will be seen in a positive light and that the Gift ethos of putting the athlete first has been applied in these most unfortunate of circumstances.
Details of the handicaps for all of the races will be posted on the Gift website by the end of this week as there will be no re-opening of the events. Only those individuals who had entered by the original deadline will be entitled to take part at the March event.

Published: 2013-01-23 11:57:09