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Shane Fenton reports

The handicap marks for the 146th New Year Sprint have been released by promoter Frank Hanlon and it shows an upsurge in entries from 12 months ago.

Last year saw an all-time low entry of 65 but this time around it has shot up to 85, the highest in 6 years.

There are 16 female athlete's entered which could be a spin-off from the introduction for the first time of a Women's 90 metres handicap. A handful of former winners are also among the entries in cluding reigning champion Dylan Ali, Hawick who will run from the 5.50 metres mark with Cameron Tindle, Edinburgh AC on 5 metres,the joint backmarkers on 4.25 metres are Morro Bajo, Edinburgh AC and Greg Loudon, Lasswade AC.

Will this year see the first ever female winner of the famous race, six times finalist Gemma Nicol, Dunfermline T & F Club is down to run from the 17.50 metres mark along with Stacey Downie, Edinburgh AC. Scottish Under-20 champion Laura McCracken, VP Glasgow has been allocated 18.50 metres, she will give her club mate Jennifer Hannah a start of half a metre. Former 90 metre winner Jessie Concannon, Dunf T & F Club is on 19.75 metres with Amy Clancy, Peebles on 20.50 metres. Last years finalist Jazmine Tomlinson, TLJT is set to start from the 22 metres mark.

The draw for 12 heats will take place at Musselburgh Racecourse on Monday 1st December at 11.30am. Backmarkers will be seeded into each heat.


1 Greg Loudon Lasswade 4.25m.

2 Morro Bajo, Edinburgh AC 4.25m

3 Cameron Tindle Edinburgh AC 5m

4 Dylan Ali Hawick 5.5m

5 Kieran Kivlin Edinburgh AC 6m

6 Sandy Wilson Edinburgh AC 6m

7 Leigh Marshall TLJT 6.50m

8 Anthony Daffurn Harrow AC 6.75m

9 Craig Grieve TLJT 7.25m

10 Steven Charters Dolphinton 7.25m

11 David Brand Pitreavie AC 7.50m

12 Ewan Dyer Pitreavie AC  7.75m

13 Cumbie Bowers Glenrothes 8m

14 Francis Smith Woodford Green 8m

15 Iskan Barskanmay Jedburgh 8m

16 Kieran Reilly Lasswade AC 8.25m]

17 Gary McBride Glasgow 9m

18 Liam Halliday Central AC 9.25m

19 Daniel Moore Morpeth 9.50m

20 Kevin Eddy Kelty 9.5m

21 Liam Collins Newcastle 9.5m

22 Fraser Neil Kelso 9.75m

23 Cameron Smith Tullibody 10m

24 Allan Stewart Chiltern 10m

25 Scott Richardson Jedforest AC 10m

26 Tommy Ashby Innerleithen 10m

27 William Hutchison Lasswade AC 10m

28 Craig Sowerby Seaton AC 10.5m

29 Conor Hedley Elligton 10.5m

30 Ross Kirk Kelty 10.5m

31 John Fleming Kelso 10.75m

32 Ryan Houen Cardrona 11m

33 Kevin Wilson Kelty 11m

34 Leon Ali Hawick 11m

35 Lee Notman Hawick 11m

36 Billy Martin Glenrothes 11.5m

37 Martin Barr East Kilbride AC 11.5m

38 David Rae TLJT 11.5m

39 Jon Lowis Kirkcaldy 12m

40 Craig Bruce Selkirk 12.25m

41 Eion Lowther Jedburgh 12.5m

42 Ewan Bradley Inverness Harriers 12.5m

43 Angus Johnstone TLJT 12.5m

44 Andrew Hogarth 12.75m

45 Kevin Reynolds Foresthill 13m

46 Gordon McPherson Hawick 13m

47 Jack Wilson Hawick 13m

48 Colin Bruce Selkirk 14m

49 Craig Robertson Pitreavie AC 14m

50 Geoff Keen Dunfermline 14.5m

51 Doug Donald Oakham 15m

52 Darren Tomlinson TLJT 15.5m

53 Matthew Fleming Kelso 16m

54 William Bates Tullibody 16m

55 David McKay Kelso 16.5m

56 Kevin Amos Jedforest AC 17m

57 Wallace McGown Sauchie 17m

58 John Paxton Hawick 17m

59 Stacey Downie Edinburgh AC 17.5m

60 Gemma Nicol Dunf T & f Club 17.5m

61 Martin Telford North Shields 18.5m

62 Laura McCracken VP Glasgow AC 18.5m

63 Jennifer Hannah VP Glasgow AC 19M

64 Graeme Armstrong Edinburgh 19m

65 Richard Eland Little Broughton 19.5m

66 Jessie Concannon Dunf T & F Club 19.75m

67 Amy Clancy Peebles 20.50m

68 Kevin Turner Dalkeith 20.5m

69 Rachel Robertson Lasswade AC 21m

70 Jazmine Tomlinson TLJT 22m

71 Andrew Bryson Hawick 22.75m

72 Martha Douglas Jedforest AC 23m

73 Gaby Rothwell-Blake Manchester 23m

74 Victoria Stephen Dunf T & F Club 23m

75 Sarah Ross Pitreavie AC 23.5m

76 Iain Heard Jed Track 23.5M

77 Holly McKay Jedforest AC  24.5m

78 David Rothwell Manchester 24.5m

79 Mhairi Henderson TLJT 25m

80 Thomas Bradley Edinburgh 26m

81 Albert Eland Great Broughton 29m

82 Angela Kelly Giffnock North AC 29.5m

83 Wendy Nicol Dunf T & F Club 31m

84 James Beattie Kelty 31.5m

85 Joseph Watson Penrith 42m.

Published: 2014-11-23 20:37:15