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Update on James following recent accident, and all at the SHGA wish him a full and speed recovery

Just a quick update about James as quite a few of you have been asking.

They suspect that he may have broken ribs but they don't check any more (?) as they cant do anything about it. But James has had broken ribs before and he says he has never had pain like it.
It is possible (and again they don't check for it) that he has separated his muscle from his ribs - I have heard this is a lot more painful! But again they don't check for this. So really we don't know what it is other than its very painful.

He is finding it hard to breath / move / sleep even talk (no that he said much anyway). It is going to be a long week for him. The last I saw of him, the extra strong pain killers they gave him were kicking in. Hopefully these will be a big help in getting over the next few days.

Should see you all next week and I'll keep in touch with James to see how he is doing and post any updates.No worries. He will bounce back - it might just take him a few weeks. A big thanks to the Red Cross, the ambulance crew and the staff at Dundee Ninewells Hospital.

Also thank you to the crowd on the day who were concerned about James and his round of a applause as he was stretchered off didn't go unnoticed by James.

Steven Turbitt.

Published: 2010-08-16 20:28:32