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Top ranked juniors in New Year Youth's 90 metres writes Shane Fenton

Scotland's leading ranked junior sprinters dominate the back marks in the Youth's 90 metre's Handicap which will be run off in six heats and and an 8 runner final on the first day of the New Year Sprint meeting on December 31st at Musselburgh Racecourse.

Similar to the 'big sprint' it is runners from Edinburgh AC who dominate the back marks, Michael Olsen who is Scotland's top ranked under-15 100 metre runner will go from the scratch mark in heat three, Sandy Wilson runs from 1.50 metres in heat 2 with club mates Kingsley Cunningham 3m in heat six and Rohan Green 4m in heat four four.

Female athletes make up almost 50% of the total entry of 42 runners, the lowest handicapped female runner is Jill Cherry, Shettleston who is scheduled to run in heat five off 10m.

£120 £60 £40 £25 £20 £15 £10 £10

1.Eve Huxley Innerleithen [17.50M]
2 Rachael Lasswade AC [16.50]
3 Euan Smith Central AC [21M]
4 Anna Forsyth Leithenburn AC [20M]
5 Jamie Patterson Leithenburn AC[25M]
6. Angus Bryce TLJT [22M]
7 Samantha Turnbull Peebles [23.50m]

1 Aiden Bambrick Jedburgh AC [25M]
2 Kieran Halliday Central AC[11M]
3 Rianna Sterricks Peebles[20.50m]
4 Callum Anderson Selkirk [22m]
5 Rachael Wicks Leithenburn AC[19.50M]
6 Danielle Lockie TLJT [25.50M]
7 Sandy Wilson Edinburgh AC [1.50M]

1 Josh Abbott Kelso [20.50m]
2 Bryony Patterson Leithenburn AC [19M]
3 Luke McLean Peebles [24.50m]
4 Laura Munro TLJT [20.50M
5 Cari Brus Gala [22.50m]
6 Brodie Cowan Jedburgh [25m]
7 Michael Olsen Edinburgh AC [SCR]

1 Cameron Fisher Jedburgh AC [19.50M]
2 Sarah Malone Edinburgh AC [17M]
3 Natasha Turnbull [22.50m]
4 Robbie Renwick Leithenburn AC [9M]
5 Eilidh Smith Central AC [23.50M]
6 Shannon Taitt TLJT [22.50M]
7 Rohan Green Edinburgh AC [4M]

1 Greg Kelly East Kilbride [7m]
2 Jill Cherry Shettlleston [10m]
3 Ellie O'Hara Leithenburn AC [24M]
4 Billy Doyle Pitreavie AC [21.50M]
5 Ethan Huxley Innerleithen [25.59m]
6 Jay Goodfellow Jedburgh AC [26M]
7 Cameron Clamp TLJT [17M]

1 Callum Field East Kilbride AC [6M]
2 Josh Dougall TLJT [19M]
3 Gabby Rothwell-Blake Manchester [16.50m]
4 Daisy Peacock Leithenburn [21m]
5 Zoe Johnston Jedburgh AC [24M]
6 Aaron Russell Peebles [24m]
7 Kingsley Cunningham Edinburgh AC [3M]

Published: 2013-12-05 11:13:08