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SHGA attends the Cross Party Parliamentary Group on Sport

Despite the games season being over, work continues in the background: SHGA Chair Iain Watt attended the Cross Party Parliamentary Group on Sport at Holyrood last week, speaking to the group about some of the challenges that face Highland Games organisers.  There was a positive, supportive discussion on the topics of bureaucracy, attracting volunteers and lack of central funding.  The MSPs and other organisations present were all in agreement about how important Highland games are as part of Scottish community sport, and concerned to hear of the number of events that have ceased operating over the last decade.  Despite other major sports being represented (e.g. the SFA), the discussion around Highland games created most engagement and took most time as questions were asked and answered.

The session allowed SHGA to link up with several new stakeholders who may be able to help improve things for Highland games in future; we will follow up with this for the 2020 season.

SHGA intend to get involved in more of these type of sessions which raise awareness and build relationships across government and sports, aiming to help SHGA members.

Published: 2019-11-18 10:23:57