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Shane-Markinch Citizen of the Year

[From the Glenrothes Gazette]

SHANE is CITIZEN of the YEAR by Mike Delaney

He has become a legend in his home town over the years and Shane Fenton has now been officially recognised for his service to the community.

For he has been voted Markinch Citizen of the Year for 2013. Shane received his award from Markinch councillor John Beare on Sunday during the town's annual Highland Games.

It was a fitting venue for the presentation, as Shane has not missed the event since he was first taken at the age of three months old and, over the years since, has participated as spectator, competitor, coach, official and reporter for the 'Gazette' for whom he has been sports correspondent for 30 years.

But typically modestly, he was taken aback by receiving the honour.

''Yes, i was a bit gobsmacked to get the award - it was a bit overwhelming in fact,'' he said.

''But to receive it in front of a big crowd on a warm sunny day at the games which i have been involved in for 40 years will be something i will never forget.''


Councillor John Beare, who made the presentation on behalf of the council, said, ''It is particularly fitting that Shane was presented with the Citizen of the Year award at the Highland Games where he has some 40 years of service.

The Games are a highlight of the Markinch summer calendar and without the determination of Shane and his colleagues, Markinch would not be the town it is.

''I was honoured to make the presentation to Shane and i hope he has many more years of service to give.''

The Glenrothes Gazette's Mike Delaney added: ''Shane is a true legend in Markinch.

'' His knowledge of sport is truly extraordinary-as anyone who has tried to crack one of his weekly quizzes will agree- and his record of service at grass roots level is remarkable,''

''This honour is thoroughly deserved by Shane, and i congratulate him on it.''

Published: 2013-06-05 13:53:02