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Hi everyone not long back from other side of the world Jakarta and Malaysia doing the games trip was amazing we left on the Thursday took 31hrs to get there went to field at royal polo club, on the Friday in Kuala Lumpur to set up then went to fantastic dinner suited and booted in kilt then  games on Saturday, threw good equipment quality, I had caber which myself and Wullie Falconer made flown over by air freight as last year’s caber was rubbish, listen to this made from parky flooring glued together, make anything out there. The 4 boys out there where me Wullie, Arron Neighbour and guy from Oz Jeremy Hogg the games were more demo so no real measuring took place, they go mad for the caber so I was very pleased to be only one to toss it, then time for beers chilled out Sunday Monday then Tuesday went to highest twin towers in world the Petronas towers amazing.

Then Wednesday flew over to Jakarta for games on the Saturday chilled out over there then went to another dinner really nice on the Friday night before games on the Saturday. We thought it was hot in kl but Jakarta was like a melting pot 100 degrees and humidity 100percent big problem we have over there tacky for hammer and caber doesn’t work well as hand sweat to much so distances well down and caber tricky but got caber over with 12oclock, 3rd toss so good win no bad wins in 2 different country’s then at 6 o’clock they burn a mock Viking long boat and have a magic fireworks display to end games let hair doon and have few beers.

We then we flew back following day also 31hrs only one mishap of great trip when I was doing 56lb weight for height in kl the bloody link snapped as I pulled on it I went flying up in the air landed on my shoulder blades very lucky not my neck could have been bad one sore as hell for days but us games boys tough bunch I got up and carried on and smashed caber over.

Published: 2015-06-10 10:19:13