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The Bridge of Allan Highland Games have been in existence for 162 years. During which time they have achieved and maintained, worldwide enquiries from Highland Dancers, Pipers, Athletes, and Visitors, from South Africa, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Oman Spain and Brazil. 
As a prime mover over the last 50+ years, Jimmy has been Chairman for 36 and has lead by example, sustaining the ambition, dedication and support, of a dedicated group of directors and committee members, to achieve the record number of years in which the Games have been held i.e. through two World Wars.
In a recent response to a letter he received complimenting the Games and asking about the health and future of Highland Games in Scotland, he replied " ... I am blessed with a hard working group of volunteers, including second and third generation families, who do not want the Games to end on their watch"
Jimmy attains his 87th birthday in 2013 and was proposed for an Honours Award, on the basis of the unselfish and unstinting contribution he has made to the community, locally and at large. The Games, with Jimmy at the helm make a significant contribution to the local Bridge of Allan community, not to mention the enormous impact on Tourism and the promotion of Stirlingshire and Scotland in general.

Published: 2013-07-10 08:53:41