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Laura wins sprint thriller at Bridge of Allan



SHANE FENTON reports from the Wallace Monument

Despite a sprinkling of heavy showers the Bridge of Allan Games once again lived up to it's reputation as being one of the best athletic meetings on the Games circuit.

The biggest prize of the day is the £600 which goes to the winner of the Open 90 metres handicap.

There was a thrilling finish to the race with five of the six finalists flashing over the line in near unison, the photo finish equipment was called into action with opertor Keith Simpson having to use a blown up image to determine the winner and that was Laura McCracken[16.5m] from the VP Glasgow club who got home by the width of a vest from recent Alva Games winner Chris Kelly, Edinburgh[7.5] and Ewan Dyer, Pitreavie AC.[7.5] There was drama in the cross-ties with eventual race winner McCracken literally diving through the tape as she crashed to the ground after stumbling right on the line which left her with a nasty red weal on her neck from the tape. Martha Douglas, Sarah Ross and Liam Halliday made up the final field.

Video of 90m Open Final

The 200 metres went to Martin Barr, East Kilbride AC who came off the bend in the lead and held off the challenges of Michael Burns, Pitreavie AC and Fraser Neal, Kelso in 19.35s. There was further drama in this event with former Scottish hurdles champion Chris Baillie, Glasgow hitting the turf following a bit of 'argie bargie' on the bend.

There was a big field for the 800 metres handicap and two heats had to be run, the final resulted in an Edinburgh AC 1  -2 with Jamie Dorris holding off club companion Rory Miller in 1m 55.31 seconds, Kobe Stevens, Moorfoot and Mike Murdoch, Glenrothes filled the 3rd and 4th places respectively.

Dorris landed a double with victory in the 400 metres, Cumbie Bowers, Glenrothes looked nailed on for victory as he closed right up on the winner on the final bend but couldn't force himself to the front, Andrew Thomson, Jedburgh finished in 3rd place.

There must have been a record number of female athletes in action and they had their fair share of success, a powerful front running performance from Rebecca Burns, Pitreavie AC in the 1600 metres saw her add to her earlier season wins at Markinch and C.E.R.F as she crossed the finish line in 4m 14.50s, Kobe Stevens, Matthew Turner, Shettleston and Fergus McGaw filled the minor positions.

Matthew Turner had the big crowd on their feet with an excellent run from the backmark to win the 3200 metres handicap, the Campbelltown runner who is having a great season came through the field of 14 runners before hitting the front off the final bend to go on and break the tape in 9m 39.25s, another of the form men Dean Whiteford, Innerleithen was runner up with Rowan Marr , Selkirk and Bradley Scott, Callander 3rd and 4th respectively.

The 90 metres Invitation Sprint was won by Chris Baillie from Oliver Lawson and Donald Tod.

Both the Youth 90 metres events were won by females, Brodie Cowan, Jedburgh took the 10-12 years with Jessica Wodehouse, Leithenburn victorious in the 13-15 age group. The Youth 800 metres were won by Sean Bates, Tullibody and Zayna Aziz, Kelso.

As usual the cyclists thrilled the crowds, Alan Clark, Thurso was the man in form with wins in the 800 metres, 3200 metres and Deil tak the Hindmost, the 1600 metres went to Steve Jackson, Glasgow.

There was a top class international field in the heavy events and a new British champion was crowned with Poland's Sebastien Wenta taking the title from Scott Rider who finished in second place. Sebastien won the 56lb for distance and shared 1st place with his brother Lukasz, Heisi Geirmundsson, Iceland, Scott Rider, England and Scott Martin, Australia in the 56lb for height. Craig Sinclair, Drumoak was the victor in both the 16lb and 22lb hammer events with Lukasz Wenta winning both the Shot Putts. The Wenta brothers were also the joint winners in the Caber competition.

Tony Daffurn, Kilbarchan did the Triple Jump and Long Jump double.


Video of 90m Open Final


1 Laura McCracken, VP Glasgow [9.66s]

2 Chris Kelly Edinburgh AC

3 Ewan Dyer Pitreavie AC


1 Martin Barr East Kilbride AC[19.35s]

2 Michael Burns Pitreavie AC

3 Fraser Neil Kelso


1 Jamie Dorris Edinburgh AC[47.18s]

2 Cumbie Bowers Glenrothes

3 Andrew Thomson Jedburgh


1 Jamie Dorris Edinburgh AC [1m 55,31s]

2 Rory Miller Edinburgh AC

3 Kobe Stevens Mootfoot

OPEN 1600M

1 Rebecca Burns Pitreavie AC [4m 14.50s]

2 Kobe Stevens Moorfoot

3 Matthew Turner Shettleston

OPEN 3200M

1 Matthew Turner Shettleston[9m 39.25s]

2 Dean Whiteford Innerleithen

3 Rowan Marr Selkirk

YOUTHS 200M[10-12]

1 C Blance Bridge of Allan

2 E Bouglas Hawick

3 R. Johnstone Inverness H,

YOUTHS 200M 13-15]

1 G Kelly East Kilbride[21.94]

2 Phillipa Robertson Hawick

3 Rhiana Sterricks Leithenburn

YOUTHS 400M[10-12]

1 Brodie Cowan Jedburgh

2 Sean Bates Tullibody

3 C Blance Bridge of Allan

YOUTHS 400M[13-15]

1 Cameron Fisher Jedburgh

2 Calum Field East Kilbride

3 Keiran Halliday Central AC

YOUTHS 800M[10-12]

1 Sean Bates Tullibody [1m56.84s]

2 Michael Smith Leithenburn

3 Rachael Johnstone Inverness H

YOUTHS 800M[13-15]

1 Zaynah Aziz Selkirk [1m56.84]

2 Jack Amos Jedburgh

3 Scott Douglas Forfar




1Edward Fletcher Grantown on Spey

2 Alan Clark Thurso

3 Steve Jackson Glasgow


1 Steve Jackson Glasgow

2 Alan Clark Thurso

3 James Melville Dumbarton


1Alan Clark Thurso

2 Steve Jackson Glasgow

3 James Melville Dumbarton


1Alan Clark Thurso

2 James Melville Dumbarton

3 Steve Jackson Glasgow



1 Lukasz Wenta [55'7'']
2 Scott Rider [53'11'']
3 Scott Martin Australia [53'1''
4 Sebastien Wenta [42'3'']
5 Lorne Colthart [48'8'']
6 Heise Gurdmundsson [47'4'']


1 Lukasz Wenta [43'2'']
2 Scott Rider [41'10'']
3 Sebastien Wenta [40'9'']
4 Heisi Geirmundsson [39'8'']
5 Scott Martin [38'00'']
6 Lorne Colthart [37'8'']


1 Craig Sinclair [130'4'']
2 Kyle Randalls [129'1'']
3 Sebastien Wenta [123'4'']
4 Scott Rider [122'8'']
5 Heisi Geirmundsson [1115'11'']
6 Lukasz Wenta [111'11']

1 Craig Sinclair [110'5'']
2 Sebastien Wenta [106'10'']
3 Kyle Randalls [103'2'']
4 Scott Rider [101'00'']
5 Lukasz Wenta [94'10'']
6 Heisi Geirmundsson[93'5'']


1 Sebastien Wenta [37'3'']
2 Lorne Colthart [37'1''
3 Scott Rider [37'00'']
4 Craig Sinclair [36'11'']
5 Lukasz Wenta [34'9'']
6 Heisi Geirmundsson [29' 11'']


1 = Lukasz Wenta [16'00'']
1 = Scott Martin
1 = Sebastien Wenta
1 = Heisi Geirmundsson
1 = Scott Rider
6 = Kyle Randalls
6 = Craig Sinclair
6 = Lorne Colthart

1 = Lukasz Wenta
1 = Sebastien Wenta
3 Scott Rider
4 = Lorne Colthart
4 = Craig Sinclair
6 Heisi Geirmundsson

1 Sebastien Wenta  [31.5pts]
2 Scott Rider [29pts]
3 Lukasz Wenta [26.5pts]
4 Craig Sinclair [17.5pts]
5 Heisi Geirmundsson [13pts]
6 Lorne Colthart [10.5pts]

1 Tony Daffurn [22' 1.5'']
2 Donald Tod [20' 8'']
3 Rory Muir

1 Tony Daffurn [43' 2'']
2 Matthew Turner
3 Donald Tod

Published: 2014-08-03 19:27:12