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Hamish Davidson, one of the legends of heavy events on the Games circuit, has passed away at the age of 62.

When he won the Scottish Amateur Athletic Association shot putt title in 1978 with 17.44 metres, a championship record, he should have been chosen for the Edmonton Commonwealth Games, but his hell-raising reputation kept him off the team..

That was the 3rd of his Scottish titles, having won in 1973 (aged 19) and 1975.  In addition, he gained 6 silver medals and represented Scotland in 7 international matches.

So upset at being left off the Commonwealth Games team he turned pro in 1978. He quickly made his mark breaking 38 ground records in the stone & shot putt and winning the Tamnavulin Trophy awarded to the best all-round heavy athlete on the basis of points accumulated at stipulated Games over the season.

As an amateur he won 17 Scottish titles in Athletics and Power Lifting and after turning pro, he won the Scottish and British Highland Games heavy event titles. He held the World records in both the 56lb [48' 7''] and 28lb [88' 10.5''] weight for distance disciplines.

He competed in the World's Strongest Man competition nearly beating Geoff Capes. He later recalled "The night before the World's Strongest Man final, a lot of the guys were talking about what steroids they were on. All I was on was 20 pints, then discoing all night - and I still nearly beat Capes the next day!''

This larger-than-life character will be missed by all who knew him.

Contributed by Arnold Black & Shane Fenton

Published: 2017-05-14 13:44:09