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This is a reminder that the 2011 Prohibited List will come into effect from 1 January 2011.
The main changes to the List are as follows;
New on the Prohibited List
·         A new category S0 has been introduced. It is prohibited to take any substances that are undergoing pre-clinical or clinical development and are therefore not officially allowed for human therapeutic use.
·         Desmopressin as a masking agent is now included.
No longer on the Prohibited List
·         A Declaration of Use is no longer required. This means that  the following are not prohibited
-          salbutamol* and salmeterol by inhalation
-          glucocorticosteroids by inhalation
-          glucocorticosteroids administered by localised injection
-          platelet-derived preparations
*PLEASE NOTE: Salbutamol still has a threshold level of permitted use (maximum 1600 micrograms over 24 hours), and a TUE is required for Formoterol and Terbutelline.
Category changes
·         Methylhexaneamine changes from a non-specified to a specified substance.
We are communicating these changes directly to NRTP athletes but would appreciate your help in bringing them to the attention of your other athletes and support staff.
The 2011 Prohibited List can be found on UK Anti-Doping website
Should you have any questions about the changes please contact Amy Dyer at or on 020 7766 350.

Published: 2011-01-10 13:35:10