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In the season just finished we carried out testing at 2 venues, Alva, Crieff, with the New Year still to come. All results were negative.
Although expensive, I think drug testing is a necessary evil if we are to ensure that the cheats don't win at our events and I am hoping, that due to funding from Sport Scotland, we will be able to increase the number of venues tested in 2011
Now for something hot off the press. It has been reported that the substance Methylhexaneamine has been found in a No. of Supplements.
Athletes have tested positive in Australia, India and the UK, and just this week British shot putter Rachel Wallander received a 4 month ban
for testing positive to the substance
For more info athletes should visit
The SHGA are now in possession of some Anti-Doping Advice Cards and are available from myself or Ian Grieve
Stay Clean   
Ian Gurr (S.H.G.A. Drug Liaison Officer)


Published: 2010-11-07 20:21:52