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Following their Easter holidays, Primary 5 pupils at Dingwall Primary School, Ross-shire, have been doing an interdisciplinary learning project about Highland Games.

During the 9 week period, whilst under the guidance of their teachers, Miss Laura Forbes and Miss Morven MacDonald, 57 pupils from P5, initially researched the history of Highland Games and how they have spread across the world. As part of their learning, pupils accessed informative PowerPoint Presentations and other documents, which are available from the Scottish Highland Games Association’s Secretary. The pupils learnt about all the types of disciplines and their relevant events, which are held at Highland Games. They also discussed the various Rules, the safety aspects for each event, who can compete and what the judges may look out for. After doing this, they were able to gauge what will make a successful competitor.

The pupils decorated their classrooms with interactive wall displays, colourful posters and individually designed tartans, which incorporate silhouettes of different competitors at a Highland Games. Lists of all the equipment that is required to hold the various events and lists of interesting facts about Highland Games, were also made. They also created their own Highland Games events. To complete their project, the pupils are holding their own mini Highland Games, near the end of their current term. For this, they have created their own programmes.

They have also designed their own family crest, made mascots and created medals. While training for their mini Games, they have completed a full marathon, by daily running 10 minute miles. They have also trained for some of the Highland Games events that they will be competing at. As a result, their general fitness has improved and they are all looking forward to when they will be competing for real. Many are hoping to visit and take part in various Highland Games throughout their school holidays and in the future. Whilst doing the project, utilising “I See, I Think, I Wonder” activities, the pupils had lots of excellent opportunities for cross curricular links. They also had parental involvement through homework activities and used the SeeSaw app, to discuss learning at home.

At different stages of their project, the pupils were visited by Aileen Wilson and Michelle Schofield for Highland Dancing, Ellie Fergusson for Pipe Band and S.H.G.A Council Member, Alasdair MacDonald.

HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, through his charity, The Prince’s Foundation, is hoping to encourage more young people to become involved in Highland Games. He is the patron of the S.H.G.A. and regularly attends the Braemar and RBLS Mey Highland Games. As 2018 is the Year of the Young People in Scotland, the initiative by Dingwall Primary School, to bring a comprehensive awareness of traditional Highland Games to their pupils, has to be congratulated. This is the 2nd successive year that the school has involved their pupils, in a 9 week, Highland Games project.


Published: 2018-06-14 21:11:46