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Scott Rider continues to dominate the heavy events on the Games circuit, on Wednesday at the Isle of Skye Highland Games, Scott won four of the events and was first equal in another.
His wins came in the 22lb shot,22lb hammer,28lb and 56lb for distance and a share of the top spot in the caber with Sebastien Wenta.
Lukasz Wenta was the victor in both the 16lb shot and 56lb for height. There was a total of 12 throwers at the Skye event.

In the running and jumping events Inverness athlete Ewan Bradley had a good day with wins in the 252m, 504m and 1008m events and was also runner up in both the long and high jumps and 3rd in the triple jump, the long and the triple was won by Fraser McDonald with Lucas Pretenhaler winning the grass to grass high jump.
Isle of Skye results:

The Killin Highland Games also took place on Wednesday and it saw all eight heavy events being won by Scottish throwers, Lorne Colthatrt won the 22lb shot, 56lb for distance and caber, Kyle Randalls also landed a treble with wins in both the 16lb and 22lb hammers and 56lb for height. The 16lb shot and 28lb for distance saw Sinclair Patience emerge as the victor
Killin results:

Published: 2016-08-05 10:50:50