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The 2015 SHGA season for track & field competitors is all set to get underway this weekend with the Blackford[Perthshire] Highland Games on Saturday[30th] and Carmunock Highland Games on Sunday[31st], on the athletics side, the latter always has a strong heavy events competition for the throwers while Blackford has a full programme of both running & cycling and the heavy events. During 2015 the SHGA will oversee over 60 member events through to Invercharron Games the 3rd Saturday in September. Games will take place almost every Saturday and Sunday, with many midweek dates at the height of the season. SHGA member Games exemplify all that is best about good competition and sportsmanship, 100s of competitors, both individually and from athletic clubs from all over Scotland and further afield will contest well over 1000 competitions during the season They will compete for prize money well in excess of £300,000, providing quality entertainment and suspense for over 200,000 spectators who in turn financially support the local community's at each venue, annually Highland Games contribute over £20 million to local economies With significant funding from SportScotland the association continue their commitment to clean sport by providing the only Highland Games drug testing programme in the UK free to it's members. Fully registered athletes continued to be provided with free personal injury insurance while specific athletic clubs and associated bodies continue to be targeted to boost participation. For all you need to know about dates and how to register and much more go to

Published: 2015-05-29 11:58:53