All competitors wishing to take part in ANY SHGA-registered events, including hill races, running, cycling, light field and heavyweight events, at SHGA Member Games MUST be registered with the SHGA PRIOR to competing. (Currently not required for Highland Dancing or Piping)

Only registered competitors will be permitted to take part in official events, be awarded points towards the SHGA leagues and be entitled to collect prize money, trophies or medals being presented by the SHGA. Unregistered athletes are not entitled to any cover under the SHGA’s Personal Injury Insurance Scheme (which covers all athletes up to 75yrs old). Membership of amateur clubs should be declared on the application form and members must wear club vests.

Please download a copy of our Registration Form or complete the registration form below.

Competitor Registration

2020 Registration Fees

£15.00 per person (till the end of April 2019)

A reduced annual fee of £10.00 applies to all competitors aged 65 and over.

A reduced annual fee of £10.00 applies to track and field competitors and cyclists aged under 16. Photocopy birth certificate required for new Youth registrations.

Tug-o-War Teams:
£40.00 per team without insurance cover - to obtain cover please register as individuals, on the terms noted above.

Day Registration:
Athletes who only wish to compete at ONE event in the year may pay a ‘single use’ fee instead of full registration at the following rates: Adult £3, Youth £1, (Tug o War £10/team). This should be done on the day at the event not online. Insurance is not included and will not count towards leagues. Any further participation will require full registration at the standard rates.